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Professional Thinning & Texturizing Shears

Hair Thinning Shears Blend Better

Purchase tools that are as talented as you! Order professionalhair thinning shears featuring superior workmanship and teeth variations that give you an edge. Try exceptionally engineered fromm shears. Traditional Fromm thinners create a soft cut with rows of well-structured teeth. These instruments are hand-honed and hollow-ground for precision, strength and longevity. Or choose hair thinning shears with semi-convex blades featuring offset handles that cater to an open-hand cutting style. They shine with high quality sterling. Also in sterling, an amazingly lightweight shear with the beveled blade and offset handles. Hair thinning shears shouldn’t push or pull while lightening weight. A 28-tooth, micro-serrated blade helps prevent push with super steel dependability and removable, sizing insert flexibility. You can taper and blend beautifully with 44 teeth, brilliantly polished. Operate these shears thanks to a comfort-designed handle insert that aligns your thumb. We even have shears in left-handed styles! Our shear philosophy is simple: provide performance manufacturing at the perfect price.

Texturizing Shears Take Weight Off Wonderfully

A sensational cut says it all! Employ intricate hair techniques with texturizing shears that deliver movement and body. Work in some volume, create dramatic effects, and add life with hand-honed, beveled blades. Our eight-tooth, texturizing shears cut with ease so bulk goes down, texture moves in, and guesswork disappears. It’s the sharper choice for barbers and stylists. These texturizers feature dual, detachable finger rests and opposing handles. Let your texturizing and thinning shears work together for multipurpose blending to please the most discerning clientele. Marlo Beauty Supply offers a virtually boundless array of shears, conveniently organized by price range. You see it all – fine, coarse, curly, and thick. Be prepared with professional hairdressing scissors.

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