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Salon Manuals and Policies

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Salon Manuals and Policies

You need manuals and policies to operate a salon and guide personnel. Pro 2 Pro offers a full list of manuals and other Salon Resources for management. Employee manuals detail company philosophy, work hours, conduct, and salary administration. They provide staff members with a thorough understanding of the workplace. Specialized salon manuals deal with business policies on substance abuse and safety. Corporate Human Resources manuals can be used during orientations and then made available to employees for reference. They contain general employment information on benefits, holidays, communicating with management and other topics. Operations manuals with policies, such as front desk handbooks, summarize procedures for specific salon areas. Utilize these handbooks in developing your own resources for notifying employees of salon policies.

Salon Employee Handbooks Contain Workplace Information

A salon employee handbook contains the policies staff members need to know. From leaves of absence to health insurance, employment information is compiled into salon personnel handbooks. A discipline notice may be needed when a staff member has violated a documented company policy. Specialized manuals, including safety handbooks for salon employees, state fundamental salon rules. Salon policy discussions are part of Pro 2 Pro, the site for beauty industry interaction.