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Pro 2 Pro Resources from Marlo

Massage History Form
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Donation Request Response Form
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Bridal Service Policies
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Model Release Form
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Bridal Introductory Letter
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Bridal Contract
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Bridal Packages
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Apprentice Service Provider Release Form
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Color Consent Form
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Salon Forms

Creating salon forms is an important part of a well-run service business. Pro 2 Pro has a number of forms that can be used as samples or to generate ideas for other specialized documents. For example, if your clients’ hairstyles are to be photographed in the salon, a signed Model Release form is a necessity. You’ll also want the peace of mind of having first-time color clients sign release forms for chemical services. Detailed Massage History forms provide background information technicians need. You can also access our online salon guest survey samples. If you’re a professional with insight into salon client forms or surveys, share your knowledge here.

Frequently Used Beauty Salon Forms and Releases

Educate your staff on the proper use of beauty salon forms and releases. Weddings present additional opportunities for salon revenue. With salon contracts for bridal services, stylists are fully prepared to work with the wedding party. You’ll also want to review the additional beauty salon forms and client releases in our Forms section, such as those that respond to a donation request or explain apprentice services. With frequently used forms and member participation, this resource site supports new salons and beauty businesses.

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