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Surgi Cream

Other Hair Removal
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Ardell Surgi Cream Hair Remover, 1.25 oz
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Ardell Surgi Cream Hair Remover, 1.25 oz
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Surgi Cream

Surgi Cream has a remarkable heritage of safe and effective hair removal. Developed for use in the medical field, these depilatories have been trusted by beauty professionals for 50 years. Surgi Cream ranks as a top-selling provider of both hair remover and bleaches for face and body. Easy-to-use products have continued to progress for client-pleasing results. Women and men are in search of professional skin care products that produce longer-lasting effects than shaving. Surgi Cream answers customer needs with depilatories for bump-free sleekness and clinically-tested bleaches for less noticeable hair areas. Stock these skin essentials among your esthetician supplies.


Surgi Cream Hair Remover's Smooth Results

For silky faces, rely on Surgi Cream Hair Remover's smooth results. In a matter of minutes, the upper lip, cheek and chin become free of hair. While shaving takes hair off at the surface, this remover gently dissolves hair just below the skin's surface. So hair grows back more slowly, and skin feels oh so soft to the touch. What woman wants a razor near her face? Surgi Cream Hair Remover banishes the bumps, burns, stubble and nicks women fear from razors. Plus, this facial product brings a fresher scent to the depilatory process. That means more pleasant aromas near your client's nose. Apply aftercare creams to soothe the newly smooth skin and restore its balance. These creams also work to slow down future hair growth on the face. Our complete selection of discount beauty supplies includes the depilatories and waxes your customers seek for smoothness.