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Employee Handbook

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Employee Handbook


Dear Staff Member,

Welcome to ! We're pleased that you've chosen to be part of our team of professionals. We look forward to building a strong and positive relationship with you. You have joined a salon that has established an outstanding reputation for quality products and services. Credit for this goes to every staff member. We also hope you will take pride in your work here, thus finding personal gratification. Each of us is a vital part of our clients' experience.

Compensation and personal satisfaction gained from doing a job well are only two of the reasons most people work. Some other reasons may be: pleasant relationships and working conditions, career development, promotion opportunities and employee benefits. is committed to doing its part to maximize the potential of your work experience.

This manual provides basic guidelines and information on what is expected of you and what you can expect from the company. From time to time, the information included in this handbook may change. You will be informed immediately and in writing, of any policy changes. Please keep all changes with this copy of your manual.


We look forward to working with you.May our commitment to excellence bring success andfulfillment to us both!


Salon Team Leader




Mission Statement fo r:
[insert Salon Mission Statement]

A quote by Lewis Edwards:
"For decades great athletic teams have harbored one simple secret that only a few select business teams have discovered, and it is this:"To play and wintogether, you must practice together"




Equal Employment Opportunity

Our salon is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity. Our salon will not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on any legally recognized basis, including, but limited to: race, age, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, non-job related handicap / disability, or veteran's status.

We respect your dignity and your right to expect fair and reasonable treatment.

Non-Harassment Policy

It is our policy to prohibit harassment of an employee on any basis, including, but not limited to: age, race, color, handicap, national origin, religion or sex.

Harassment comes in many forms, which certainly include slurs, epithets, threats, derogatory comments, unwelcome jokes, teasing, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other similar verbal or physical contact.

Any employee who feels that he/she is a victim of such harassment should immediately report the matter to the Salon Manager or any other member of management. Violations of this policy will not be permitted and may result in discipline up to and including termination.

The purpose of this policy is not to regulate our employees' personal morality; rather, it is to assure that, in the workplace, no employee may harass another on any of these bases. promotes compliance with this policy through our employees in practice and in spirit.

Employment Requirements

A current license issued from State Board of Cosmetology (if necessary)

A completed employment application and a resume

Must meet all technical standards and educational requirements

Agreement to all procedures in Salon Handbook

Possession of all equipment needed for work as prescribed by

A positive and cooperative attitude

Enthusiasm and willingness to grow through our education plan

Adhere to a salon-assigned work schedule

Attend all Staff Meetings

Perform occasional Pro Bono work for salon promotion

Cover for fellow employees on occasion

Employee Personal Information

At all times, it is important that maintain current files on each employee. Changes in name, address, and telephone number should be reported to management immediately.

Compensation/Pay Information

See the attached information regarding your position with the company.

will pay each employee on the 15th and the 30th of each month, or the nearest salon business day preceding the pay date.

Job Performance Evaluations

Once each year, employees of will have the opportunity to evaluate your own job responsibilities and have your performance reviewed by your manager.

We view Job Performance Evaluations as a means of insuring that obligations by employees are met.

Note: Job Performance Evaluations should not be confused with merit raises or salary reviews. Although Job Performance Evaluations are the basis for salary reviews, the timing of salary reviews may not coincide with Job Performance Evaluations.

At , our policy is to pay each employee according to the value and quality of his or her contribution to the efficient operation, profit and growth of the salon. In this regard, management and our employees have obligations to each other.

1. pays competitive compensation and provides good employee working conditions.

2. The employee accepts the obligation to perform at salon standards

and to achieve results that further the goals of .


Benefits are provided to help you meet the needs arising from illness or injury and to help you enjoy leisure time more fully. Details of your specific benefits are available to you at the time of your eligibility date.


Available to full time (32 hours per week or more) employees

In an effort to make sure all employees are able to take vacations when desired, they must be scheduled 6 weeks in advance, and they require management approval. Management maintains the right to restrict vacations during high-volume periods (holidays, back-to-school periods, etc.). If one employee is scheduled to be on vacation when another requests the same time period, the employee with seniority will get first choice.

Vacations are not accumulative.

Vacations are paid as follows: one week after 12 months of consecutive employment,

Two weeks after 2 years of consecutive employment, and 3 weeks after 5 years.

Vacations will be paid through the normal payroll process in that particular period's pay.


Employees will be compensated for holidays after 12 months of employment.Holiday compensation will apply if the holiday falls on a scheduled workday of the employee.

The company recognizes the following holidays:

New Years Day

Independence Day

Christmas Day

Vacation and/or personal days may not be used to extend a holiday. If they are used in conjunction with a holiday, the holiday pay will be forfeited. Holidays will be paid through the normal payroll process in that particular period's pay.

Personal / Sick Days

Personal days may be used to take care of personal matters, illness, or for the death of an immediate family member. Personal days are calculated according to your anniversary date and will be recorded in your employee file.Requests for personal days must be turned in no later than one week before the requested date, except in the case of bereavement leave. Compensation of sick days must be requested within two salon business days of your return to work in writing.

Full-time employees are eligible for 3 paid personal days each year after one year of full-time employment. Personal days that are not used in a year are paid at full value plus 20%. Compensation will be distributed through the normal payroll process in the following period's pay. These days will not be paid upon termination of employment.

Any time an employee is absent, the employee must call the salon manager as early as possible in the day for rescheduling the clients and the daily tasks. The manager's home number is available and should be kept by the employee.

Employee Product and Service Discounts

As a courtesy to all employees, each staff member will be eligible for discounts on products and services.

Products that are part of the normal inventory of may be sold to our staff for the salon cost. This cost is limited to employees only, and may be taken out of the next paycheck. Management will verify the salon cost.

Services to staff members are available at no charge to employees, and are to be performed during non-peak hours, and on the off time of the person receiving the service. They are all subject to management discretion.

Tickets must be made out for all purchases and all services, regardless of cost or payment

Insurance Benefits

As they are available, informational brochures/packets will be given out on insurance benefits.

Eating/Smoking Policy

Food is not allowed on the work floor.

Water, coffee, and tea are allowed at your workstation in a salon-approved container. Water drinking is especially encouraged during your workday, to remain hydrated and to maintain good health.

is a non-smoking company. If you do smoke, do it discreetly and with regard for your own personal hygiene.

Drugs/Controlled Substances

Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the salon. No employee shall work, report to work or be present on the salon premises, in salon vehicles or engage in salon activities while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. The unlawful or unauthorized manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, sale or use of alcohol or controlled substances on salon premises, in salon vehicles or while engaged in salon activities as also strictly prohibited. Any violation of this substance abuse policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Cleaning and Sanitation Policy

We are obligated by State law and the Board of Cosmetology to maintain adequate levels of sterilization. In addition to these laws, our salon's cleanliness directly affects our image with all clients.

Keep your tools clean and sanitized.

Keep your station free of personal items and clutter

Maintain a clean environment at your station. For example: remove hair from area, place used towels in their container, and keep organized your station products and tools.

Every night your station and mirrors must be cleaned so that they are ready for the next workday. Once a week, clean your chair and base.

Notify the manager of any maintenance problems

Dispensary Policy

has selected the finest professional products for our clients. These should be used and inventoried properly by those using them.

Finish opened products before opening new ones. Be watchful of waste.

We ask that you record, on a list provided in the dispensing area, the products that are running low.

It is not permitted to take products out of the salon (without authorization) for any reason.

Company Telephones

The salon phones are for salon business. Except in the case of an emergency, employees cannot receive personal phone calls while with a client. Callers may leave messages with the person answering the phone. The salon business phone is not to be used for outgoing personal calls, except those approved by management. All personal calls should be made off site during lunch, or on your personal phone.

Clients may use the phones on the salon work floor.

Calls requiring additional charges (such as *69, and three-way calling) are never to be made from work.

Personal Conflicts (Between Employees)

Unprofessional behavior in the salon during working hours distresses clients and other staff members. If personal conflicts impede productivity or disrupt the company atmosphere, management will meet privately with the employees concerned to resolve the dispute or disagreement. An employee who willfully harasses another employee or hinders another employee's assigned work is working against the interests of the team and should be reported to management.


The company wishes its employee's off time to be for personal replenishment.

Doing a job correctly and thoroughly requires your full concentration. As a employee, your first loyalty is to the salon and its clientele. With this in mind, we reserve the right to ask employees to give up any outside employment that may interfere with their job performance or which in any way may conflict with your employment obligation to . If you have any questions about a possible conflict, please discuss it with the salon manager.

In keeping with the highest levels of professionalism, it is the position of that services done at home which are regularly performed in the salon are unethical (and illegal if performed for payment), and are detrimental to the employee's leisure time.

Attendance and Punctuality

Attendance and punctuality are important factors for your success. We work as a team, and this requires that each person be in the right place at the right time. Because our business provides services designed around the personal time schedules of our clientele, we particularly stress the importance of dependability. It is essential for you to develop good work habits which include a good attendance record and being on time for work.

Employees should be at work at least ten minutes prior to the first scheduled appointment.

If you are going to be late for work or absent, you personally must notify your supervisor no later than 1-2 hours before the start of your workday. You may call your supervisor at home if you will be calling before or after normal business hours. Please call daily to report continued illness.

If you are absent for a day without notifying the salon, it is assumed that you have voluntarily abandoned your position with the salon, and you may be removed from the payroll.

Please make sure to check your schedule on a timely basis. The salon reserves the right to make schedule changes at any time.

Continued tardiness will result in a written or verbal warning and counseling, and may involve termination in severe cases.

Overtime is not encouraged, and must be pre-approved, or approved within two salon business days by salon management.

Lunch is a time to relax and enjoy a midday break. You are allowed 30 minutes for lunch, and this time will be planned as part of your daily work schedule. It is your responsibility to watch your schedule for your lunch breaks. Make sure that you get one scheduled into your day.

All personal appointments are to be scheduled outside of working hours. Any conflicts should be discussed with the salon manager who will arrange for the time to be made up during the week or by allowing you to work on your day off.

Staff Meetings

Regularly scheduled staff meetings benefit everyone. All employees are required to attend our salon staff meetings unless otherwise notified. Use this time to be productive as it is our time to re-focus on our purpose. Please be on time.

Employee Theft

Theft involves the taking of money and/or products. Theft also involves taking any client information and records, sales and marketing information, and company records that are the legal property of the salon and do not leave the premises. Stealing will result in termination and possible prosecution.


Safety in the workplace can be achieved through teamwork at . Practice safety awareness by thinking defensively, anticipating unsafe situations, and reporting unsafe conditions immediately.

Please observe the following precautions:

Notify your supervisor of any emergency situation. If you are injured or become sick at work, no matter how slightly, you must inform your supervisor immediately.

The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drug substances or the abuse of legal prescription drugs during working hours will not be tolerated. The possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drug substances on the salon's property is forbidden and will result in termination and or legal charges.

Use, adjust, and repair machines and equipment only if you are trained and qualified.

Get help when lifting or pushing heavy objects.

Understand your job fully and follow instructions. If you are not sure of the safety procedure, ask before proceeding.

Any violation of a safety procedure may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Severe Weather

Except in cases of severe storms, all salon personnel are expected to work regular hours. In such cases, please call the owner/manager for working conditions. Time taken off due to poor weather conditions, unless the salon is closed, is unpaid.

If You Leave

Should you decide to leave your employment at , do it with dignity and pride, and you will be treated likewise. Please be sure of your decision.

We ask that all employees provide their supervisors with a two-week notice, and longer would be helpful for us to train a replacement. Your thoughtfulness and professionalism will be appreciated and will be noted favorably should you ever wish to reapply for employment with us or seek a favorable reference from our company.

All resigning employees must complete a brief exit interview before receiving any wages due. Paychecks will not be mailed if you do not attend the exit interview.

Management cannot guarantee that an employee will be able to work out the full two-week notice.

All moneys owed to the salon upon termination (not limited to but including equipment, miscellaneous costs, etc.) will be deducted from a departing employee's final paycheck.

No former employee of may use our name, image, or any such likeness in any verbal or written form of advertising without written permission of the owners.

Dress Policy

All employees at are expected to wear healthy, shiny hair color and a great haircut.

Employees are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal cleanliness and present a neat, professional appearance at all times. Choice of attire should reflect the fashion trends of the beauty industry, and be business-like at all times.

Our clients' satisfaction represents the most important and challenging aspect of our business. Whether or not your job responsibilities place you in direct client contact, you represent the salon with your appearance as well as your actions.

The Artistic / Technical staff at should wear predominately black or black and white in keeping with the professionalism of our industry. Our clothes should reflect the individual style and personality of the wearer. Jeans (denim or otherwise) are never appropriate. Athletic footwear (or a "tennis" type shoe) is not appropriate. Hose should be worn when legs show, and all attire is to be in impeccable condition and repair.

Remember the rule: When in doubt; dress up, not down.

The Sales and Service Coordinators are to reflect the sophisticated and professional atmosphere at . You have a fashionable business position where solid black or black and white is required with an emphasis on tailored dresses or tailored pants and jackets.

For all staff to know:

  • When applying makeup, "less is more", but should always be there
  • Lipstick always must be fresh
  • Hair should always be impeccably styled and reflect current trends
  • Nails should be kept immaculately clean, and never have chipped polish
  • Chewing gum is unattractive and never appropriate
  • Jewelry should be tastefully worn and never interfere with job performance or be annoying to customers.
  • Overly casual clothing is not considered professional at
  • Shoes are to compliment outfits and should be appropriate for comfort throughout the day
  • Denim, sweatshirt fabric, and terry are not appropriate for the workplace
  • Underarms should be covered.
  • Personal cleanliness and hygiene is a must. Everyday use of deodorant, mouthwash and similar products is encouraged for both your personal benefit as well as the obvious benefits to the client
  • A smiling attitude of cooperation and support should be worn by all employees at all times

Salon Equipment Policy

has selected the best equipment to ensure the salon environment is exceptional. Please use proper care when using salon equipment and property. If any equipment is broken, damaged, or lost please report it to management immediately. No salon property/equipment may be removed from the salon at any time without management approval.

Personal Equipment: It is not appropriate to use another employee's personal equipment without their prior consent.

Employee Information Board

Important information regarding salon policies, procedures and meetings are often posted on the information board in the employee break room. Only management will post information, which is timely and related to employment at .

Handling of Cash

Authorized individuals are to handle cash transactions. Only your manager can assign this responsibility to you.

Employees are not allowed to discount prices to clients without approval of the salon manager. There are minimum rates that must be followed.

Cashing personal checks or paychecks in the salon is not allowed.

Gratuities are not to be counted or even made visible in front of customers and should be handled discreetly in the presence of other employees. They will be paid out at the end of your shift, and a tally of the day's gratuities for income tax purposes will be provided.

Other staff members are not allowed behind the desk at any time or for any reason other than what is approved by the salon coordinator or salon manager.It is the responsibility of the authorized cash personnel behind the desk to see that this rule is enforced at all times.

Scheduling Policy

The Scheduling Policy was established to guarantee the fair and even distribution of walk-in customers. Of course, assigning of new clients depends greatly on the client's needs. Every effort should be made to accommodate a client's request.

New clients are preferably sent to senior stylists, to best service the client.Scheduling availability is taken into consideration, as well as the skills of the staff in accordance with the client's requests

Salon Guarantee

guarantees each and every service. If a client expresses dissatisfaction, seek management's help and support so that the client's concerns are properly addressed. A client has the option to return to the salon to have the service redone. Keep in mind that the salon allows "redos" within 2 weeks of the service, otherwise with management approval.Always guarantee your work and let your client know they can return if they are unhappy on any visit. Management should be informed of any and all "redos".Further education may be necessary to reduce employee patterns of redos, whether technical or communicative.

Confidentiality  Salon/Employee

The business information of is considered private.It constitutes trade secrets unique to the salon. This information is developed, acquired, and compiled by the salon at great effort and expense and is the property of the salon.

All personnel records are confidential. All individual employee information is held private. Dealings between staff members and management will be limited to the individuals involved. expects staff members to keep personal the issues that involve them as well, and bring all concerns to management directly. Neglect to do so could result in extreme measures, possibly termination.

Privacy Issues could be:

  •  Client Records / Formulas
  •  Product use and Information
  •  Marketing Strategies
  •  Pending Legal Matters
  •  Vendor/Supplier information
  • Trade Secrets
  • Any and All Financial Concerns
  • Mailing Lists
  • All Records, Forms, Manuals and Printed Matter ofMiscellaneous Information

Business Cards: cards will be made available to you at half price of our regular cards. They are the only business cards acceptable.

Licenses: Your professional license (or a copy) must be present at your station. Management must keep a current one on file.

Broken combs, clips, and other tools are never to be used. You should immediately cease use of any appliance showing signs of wear, poor connections, frayed wires, etc. It is your duty to take care of your equipment and the salon equipment that you use. All electrical switches should be turned off at the end of the day.

Cleanliness: Cut hair is to be swept up immediately after cutting, and before finishing styling. Never should a client have to step in or around hair on the floor.

Salon Agreements

You may be asked to sign a Position Agreement, defining your employment with Ltd. It is for the benefit of both yourself and the salon. You may also be asked to sign a separate confidentiality and non-compete agreement.