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Salon Budgeting and Financial Planning

With budgeting and financial planning, salon owners can determine profit and expense expectations. New salons have start-up costs, and established salons have their regular expenses. So professionals benefit from budgets and business strategies as they work toward greater profits. They may also want to review their resources for untapped potential, and their expenses for cost reduction opportunities. On this site, we've included financial tips from the Professional Beauty Association and other industry sources to help increase retail and service revenue, while reducing operational costs. Salon owners can also go a long way in assisting fellow professionals by commenting on business and finance topics.



Smart Planning for Salon Finances

In any economic environment, planning for salon finances is crucial. If you're opening a salon, a checklist for setting up the salon is highly beneficial. When you know the floor plan and layout, you can take into account improvement costs, such as painting, electrical wiring, or plumbing. Essential costs, from window coverings to outdoor signage, can be assessed. Great customer service combined with salon financial planning makes smart business sense. Periodic surveys can evaluate customer service, while reaching out to the professional community can lead to business growth.


How to Care for your Fromm Shears



Resources and Tools