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  Articles featuring Zotos
Image Maker Perms - Compare & Save
Compare Image Maker perms to your favorite perm and see for yourself why stylists prefer them for clients wanting curls and waves. You’ll get superior, true-to-rod size curls in beautiful ...
Published: 04/24/2019
Perm Comparison Chart
For 2018, Zotos International has discontinued a number of perms as they strive to keep their lines updated for the needs of the professional stylist. Here is a comparable perm chart so you ...
Published: 03/08/2018
Say Goodbye to Winter Hat Hair - EFX Perms
Clients frustrated with “winter hat hair”? The solution is simple - add texture with Texture EFX perms! With EFX, it’s easy to create soft body and lasting volume. Plus, curls easily ...
Published: 02/21/2018
10 Tips for Perfect Texture Services in the Salon
Perms are making a salon comeback- here are 10 tips to help beauty professionals perform perfect texture services.
Published: 07/04/2017
Curls on the Loose Perm Technique
Wave goodbye to old-fashioned-looking perms - and the damage that comes with them - with Texture EFX, a patented, thio-free, cysteamine perm formula containing a unique odor -neutralizing sy...
Published: 03/28/2016