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Hair Color Removers & Skin Cleansers

Professional Hair Color Removal Products

It happens. Your client decides that big color change he or she wanted is a little too big, so you reach for a hair color removal product. You may not need it often, but it’s sure nice to have it on hand. Perhaps your customer did some color experimenting at home, instead of benefiting from your professional hair color products, and is now in tears. Professional hair color remover is readily available for permanent hair color. Our products are perfect for color correction and removal. And if you happen to leave some color stains on a client’s skin, we have the pads to fix that problem too, even if a dark shade has already set!

Hair Color Removal Products for Licensed Salon Professionals

L’Oreal Effasol is one of our hair color remover products that washes out the permanent color, so hair may be colored again right away. This foaming wash also removes the build-up of color, as well as any tints. This product also conditions as it works. You can even remedy the “muddy” results that sometimes occur during processing. Clairol offers another choice in permanent hair color remover. Just carefully mix a packet of this remover with water or developer; the amount of liquid depends on the deepness of the shade to be removed or the amount of build-up in the hair. Additional instructions may have to be followed for relaxed or permed hair that is being treated with the remover. Both hair color removal products leave hair clean and ready for new color quickly and easily, perhaps from a clairol hair dye or loreal professional hair care product.

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