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Best Professional Perms & Straighteners For Your Salon

You'll flip over the formulas for head-turning curls and natural waves in our stock of professional perms and perming supplies at exceptional wholesale prices. We've got the perm to perk up body, wave or curl for most any type of hair. Perms in regular and extra body formulas; perms for resistant, fine and gray hair; perms where you skip the salon timers and salon hair dryer chairs. Acid and alkaline, exothermic and tinted, just pick your perms. To be sure what unrolling the rods will reveal, contact us with questions. We carry a buffered, alkaline perm for well-defined curl. Choose from three custom-wrapping techniques with this product. Our site details a variety of regular acid, professional perms for natural, supple curls and waves. The look is even and enduring. Prepare an extra body, firm acid perm for normal, tinted or highlighted hair. It supports volume styling.

Worry-Free Salon Hair Perms

The best salon hair perms are designed with thermal energy generate long-lasting, true-to-rod curls even on extra resistant, thick, coarse or gray hair. For a client who just wants wave, try a classic perm. Value and worry-free results are yours with professional hair perms from quantum hair products. This brand delivers an ultra-firm perm at a pleasing price. Customers get nervous about the perm process and concerned about frizz. Ease their minds with gentler processing in advanced, professional salon perm formulations that douse on conditioning. Improved, moisturizing hair perms yield chic, satiny curls. Now, when a client asks for a hair perm, smile and say "no problem," and mean it.

Wholesale Perms For Salon Professionals

Start browsing our vast selection of wholesale perms today, and of course, let us know if you have any questions on finding the right hair salon supplies for your needs - We are here to help.