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Evaluation For Customer Service

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Evaluation For Customer Service

Customer Service Evaluation Checklist
Rating Codes:
1= Outstanding Achievement
2=Satisfactory Performance
3=Unsatisfactory Performance
Customer Service Rating: ______________________

____ Adheres to Salon Dress code
____ Thinks Positive
____ Creates a great customer service atmosphere
____ Pre-plans the day by studying the beginning schedule and creating an end
____ Performs total consultation with client
____ Makes sure pre-booking occurs
____ Follows up Retail sales
____ Hands out business cards to every client and asks for referrals

Team Playing Rating: __________
____ Involved in Team activities, like coaching, helping other members
____ Maintains a good communication with Management / Co-workers
____ Helps to create a good image of Salon to clients
____ Accepts constructive criticism
____ Doesn’t make or receive excessive personal calls
Reliability Rating: _____________
____ Arrives to work at least 10 minutes ahead of scheduled time
____ Does not try to create a different work schedule everyday
____ Keeps absenteeism to a minimum
____ Attends all Staff Meetings
Advancement Rating: _____________
____ Takes initiative to improve own business
____ Attends Salon Workshops or Outside Professional Education
____ Willing to conquer challenges
Retail Salesmanship Rating: _________
____ Clearly explains products and services to clients
____ Coaches clients on how to take care of their hair with proper use of
professional products
____ Makes a clear attempt at selling products
____ Achieved a Retail Percentage during this quarter

Employee: ___________________________________________________________

Manager: ____________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________________