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Tressa Clientage Individual Wave - CL24 | Marlo Beauty Supply
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Tressa Clientage Individual Wave Tressa Professional 63091
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Tressa Clientage Individual Wave

Item # 63091

MFG # CL24

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Tressa Professional
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Tressa Clientage Individual Wave

  • For normal or healthy tinted hair
  • Perfect for the "boy wave"
  • Not recommended for hair types that are fragile tinted, high lift tinted, bleached or double-processed
  • Process at room temperature
  • Processing time: 7 minutes to refresh or maintain tones
  • True rod size curl
  • Acid perm results
  • Recommended for rod to roller technique
  • A longer lasting wave pattern than most low pH waves
  • Hair is left in exceptionally good condition
  • Creates a firm, supportive curl with a rounder shape
  • A uniform curl with more longevity
  • Supportive perm that can be blown out 
  • Buffered Acid pH 8.2
  • Pro tip: Fill the neutralizer bottle to the top (1 oz) with demi permanent, ammonia-free color, shake gently and apply just as you would the neutralizer, extending the processing time to 7 minutes total to maintain or refresh tones
  • Pro tip: Wash your clients hair with Tressa's Remove All Plus before applying perm solution. This removes product build-up, well and hard water deposits and other harsh contaminants.
  • Made in the USA

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Tressa Features & Benefits
Tressa Features & Benefits
Tressa Wave Chart
Tressa Wave Chart
Tressa All Access Q&A
Tressa All Access Q&A


  Product NameTressa Clientage Individual Wave
  Brand NameTressa Professional
  Item #63091
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